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Drawing Lessons From Karbala Submitted By Members

We asked our members to share with us their feelings and thoughts about any one person who was part of the event of Kerbala with Imam Hussain(as), and who they consider their hero or heroine, or, in other words, one who inspires them in their lives. Be it the brave son of Imam Hussain , Hazrat Ali Akber, or be it the slave of Sayyada Fatema, Bibi Fizza; be it the 6 month old baby in the cradle, or be it the young daughter of Imam Hussain(as). The hero may not be from the family of the ahlulbayt; it could be Haniya, the newlywed newly convert, or it could be Hazrat Hur who turned towards the right path at the last moment!

Every turn and evey event of Kerbala is full of stories of regular people who have left for us countless lessons. So we asked our members to write a few lines, a paragraph, an article (whatever suits them), and share with us how they draw lessons from these amazing personalities.

This will be our humble effort to pay homage to the great heroes and heroines of Kerbala and draw lessons from their sacrifices!

Member Hero/Heroine

A Son (Hazrat Ali Akber)

When the time came for him to go,
his soul readily surrendered.
His head and mind fully prepared
his father remembered...


Hazrat Ali Asghar (a.s.)


Hadhrat John Bin Huwai

In the name of Allah swt

All martyrs of battle of Karbala are no doubt great heroes, great helpers of Allah swt and His messenger Rasoolullah s.a.w.w but the helping attitude of the martyrs showed clearly that people from each age group, sex, color or race could help HAQ and therefore I chose the great companion of Holy Prophet s.a.w.w Hadhrat John Bin Huwai as my hero to find some article and to share with my sisters.

- Kahkashan


Janabe Qasim

It was the 7th Muharram and I remember asking my mother what all the candles and heena were doing in a majlis as mehendi is donned on happy occasions? My mother replied, “This is the mehendi of Janabe Qasim who was martyred in Karbala immediately after his aqd or wedding to Imam Hussain’s (as) daughter janabe Kubra.”

Janabe Qasim, the son of Imam Hassan (as) was only a teenager when he laid his life for the cause of Islam. I immensely respect and adore him for the one quote of his:
“Death is sweeter than honey for me.” In the battlefield of Karbala where there are inspirations for all ages, I feel Janabe Qasim is role model for teenagers. He is the one to look up to and say that, yes when crisis arises I will fight for my religion.


Sayyida Zainab bint Ali ibn Abu Talib (alayhum jamee’an al-salam)

Zainab Al-Hawra (as) is the voice of Karbala. She is everlasting echo of the message of Islam. Al-Aqeela Zainab (as) is the ambassador of Karbala.

It is enough of an honor that Zainab has taken her knowledge from the Prophet of Islam (pbuh&hp),

But she also has taken her courage from her father Ali Al-Karrar,

And her perseverance and strength from her mother Fatima Al-Zahra,

And her patience and forbearance from her brother Hassan Al-Mujtaba,

And her struggle against oppression and towards freedom from the light of her eyes, Hussain Al-Shaheed.


Zuljana the steed of Husain a.s.

Zuljana is said to be a beautiful white stallion purchased by the Holy Prophet (s). She was originally named Murtajiz, because of the loud sweet sound of her neigh which differed from the other horses. As a child, it has been said that the young Imam Hussain a.s. used to visit the stable of Zuljana and stare at her as if they were having a deep discussion. The Holy Prophet (s) saw this and asked his grandson if he wished to ride the horse, replying yes, the Prophet of Allah asked his companions to saddle up the horse. All were smiling on that day except one, none other than the Holy Prophet who had began to weep. One of the companions asked him why he was not smiling, as it was a celebration to see his beloved grandson riding the horse. The Holy prophet replied that he could foresee something that his companions did not. When Hussain a.s. was getting ready to ride Zuljana, the horse had lowered himself down on all four legs for Hussain to mount him. Rasool Allah said that there would be a day when his grandson would be so weak from a battle that he wouldn't be able to lower himself from the horse. Zuljana would have to descend on all four legs, just as he had done for the young Imam, so Hussain a.s. could slide himself off.


Umm Rubab

"By your life! I cherish the house in which there are Sakinah and Rabab, I endear them both and spend most of my wealth upon them, and there is no reason for censure in that, I shall not let them be neglected all throughout my life, until I am buried beneath the earth". Imam Hussain (as)

The epic of Kerbala is full of events from which one can take lessons for each and every stage of our lives. For me to choose ‘a hero’ from the many heroes of Kerbala seems next to impossible. I know no one can surpass the patience, faith and conviction of Imam Hussain (as) and not a single person can match the bravery and eloquence of Sayyada Zainab (as). If I look further, I see that the dedication and valor of Hazrat Abbas cannot be outdone, that the courage and bravery in times of intense difficulty of Imam Sajjad(as) is exemplary. In fact, at every turn in the plains of Kerbala, we find a hero!

So in order to write about a personality who I can consider my hero, I decided to look for someone whose character I can emulate. I looked for someone who was a woman so I can relate to her, I looked for someone who was not a direct descendant of the Ahlulbayt so I cannot excuse myself by saying that I cannot be like her. My search led me to one of the wives of Imam Hussain (as) known as Umm Rabab or Rabab. Umm Rabab was the mother of Abdullah ibn Hussain (Ali Asghar) and Sayyada Sakina (Sayyada Ruqayyah or Amenah).


Sayyada Sakina

I think the beauty of the event of Kerbala is that every individual, no matter their age, race, sex, or religion, can relate to it; one can either relate to a person, an event, or a saying, and this relationship gives them strength to endure the hardships they face in their real life.

To me, as a child, the story of Sayyada Sakina (also known as Sayyada Ruqayyah) has been the one to associate with. Every time I’d hear the story of the little girl in Kerbala, I felt I had some connection with her. I truly believe that she is my inspiration in everything I do in my day-to-day life. Nothing in my life can be more challenging than what she faced in her short life. Sayyada Sakina’s endurance and patience, her faith in her beliefs and her commitment to the truth, is what gives me courage!


Hazrat Abbas (as) and Bibi Umme Kulsum (sa)

Every martyr in the battle of Karbala is a hero and every woman who played a great role in spreading the message of Karbala in spite of facing so many hardships, is a heroine according to me. It is difficult to choose one particular person as a role model because the tragedy of the battle of Karbala has set examples and inspirations for all ages, however for this article I would like to write about Hazrat Abbas (as) and Bibi Umme Kulsum (sa).

Rabab N.

Hazrat Abbas

Hazrat Abbas (A.S) was Imam Hussain’s (A.S) brother and Imam Ali (A.S) was his father. I choose Hazrat Abbas (A.S) because he was a great, brave hero.

On the day of Ashura when all of Imam Hussain’s (A.S) companions were getting Martyred Hazrat Abbas (A.S) said to Imam Hussain (A.S)

“I can no longer stand it. I want to take avenge upon those hypocrites’’.